Using Tree Model for a Cylindrical Matrix

I have a matrix net wrapped in a cylindrical shape, vertical axis. It is, in fact, wrapped around a tree. The xLights “tree” model accommodates cones, cylinders, flat spinner discs, and anything in between.

Cylindrical Tree Matrix; 8′ horizontal (circumference), 12′ vertical, 3″ net spacing

Ought to be a perfect fit, right? Well, there is one slight problem. In xLights (as of 2022.11), the wiring of all tree models is vertical, up and down, and this case I wired it horizontally, around the circumference of the tree.

At the end of 2021, I was in too much of a hurry to do anything about this. Simply put the matrix in as flat, rather than round, and a lot of the effects worked fine, hardly noticed that it did not handle 3D “all yard” effects quite right.

Flat in xLights

For 2022, I’m revisiting this. The easy thing to do seems to be to add a horizontal wiring option to the existing tree model. The tree model in xLights is just a matrix model, with the points moved around in 3D space. So, it is a fairly easy change, which I has now been included in xLights.

Horizontal Tree Wiring works…

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