Here, Have a Model

I have put time into improving models for some vendor props. If those improvements would help you, have at…

Of course, I cannot give you any rights to the model that I used as a basis for my additions / improvements, because that intellectual property isn’t mine to give. However, you may use my additions and improvements in any way you wish, without attribution. Even if, or especially if, you are the vendor — I wouldn’t mind at all if vendors took the changes for incorporation in the official download models.


These are 5-layer, 100 node per strand arches, with the connections all at the same end (no zigzag wiring). They came about because I put strip in PEX tube and lost access to the far end and want to run them on long range receivers from one end without long extensions.

Custom Christmas Creations

They have some neat props, but I had to put a lot of work into them to make them look good while singing. Generally, select “state as outline” for the singers. These NMBC ones have both Halloween and Christmas color choices.



The Chroma Presents (3D variant) did not have consistent submodels, and some of the wiring was not great… more jumps than needed or multiple links between the top and the base. These do not follow the vendor wiring!

Singing Pumpkins

I touched up the 4 singing pumpkins a bit… more submodels, and color applied to singing faces.


The PPD Wreath / GeoWreath needed more submodels.

I added a Boscoyo Star Wreath on the door because it is in so many PPD sequences and there wasn’t anything else on the door.


Diamondtip Flakes; these benefitted greatly from submodels and groups.

Small Flakes – I own these but haven’t populated or modeled them yet.


Small ChromaStones didn’t seem to line up with the numbers / images on the website. I’ve numbered mine according to the website image.

I also have a tomb stone with 2 layers and matrix from Boscoyo; it needed a lot of submodels and groups.


Generally, the spiders needed submodels and groups, nothing more.

Pixel Arches

The fancy pants arches with designs inside the arch are nifty, but they need submodels and groups for sequences, especially ones designed for similar arches that have submodels and groups already.

Gilbert Engineering


Adding submodels and groups to these made sense.



Zombie Flakes came with some of the worst models I have ever received, including a corrupt pixel numbering for one of them. Tried to make something useful out of them

High Density

  • Aztec – This was originally corrupt – pixels shifted by 1… benefitted from a lot of submodels and groups as it is not a popular prop and needs work to incorporate into existing sequences…
  • Baby Grand Illusion – Added / gathered submodels for this, which is not as well-loved as its larger model. Switched from subbuffer spokes cleaned it up a lot.
  • Dazzler – Added a lot of submodels and groups to make it do interesting things in sequences designed for PPD wreath, etc
  • Dragonfly – Needed a lot of submodels and groups to make it useful in sequences designed for other HD props
  • Reel Deal / Reel Max – Added submodels
  • Rosa Grande – Added a lot of submodels and groups to make it work like RosaWreath… but so much more could be done here
  • Spin Reel Max – Added submodels and groups
  • Square Peg – Added submodels to increase versatility
  • Star Gazer – This came with very little useful in terms of submodels and groups for existing sequences, so I added some
  • Steampunk Spinner – This had a submodel off by a pixel and so one little circle was out of sync with the rest… one of those things that the audience didn’t notice but bothered me a lot.



Generic to singing props, there are reasons to have an outline submodel, a submodel without the face (for including in whole house or all display), the desire to fix the color scheme, or for complicated props, to have a state definition to use as an outline. Another important thing to do is name the default singing face definition so that it is first alphabetically, otherwise nuisances in sequence import do arise.

  • Decorated Singing Tree – minor additions to submodels and singing faces
  • Franken Monster – very minor changes
  • Grumpy Tree – I loved making faces for this that range from a as normal as possible to a lot grumpy
  • Mega Skull – Needed very little, but set up for whole house group
  • Nut Kracka – Needed very little, but set up for singing state and incorporation in whole house group
  • Quartet – Fixed some issues with spokes submodels
  • Singing Pixel 32 – This model came from the vendor corrupted, guess there’s not a lot of love for singing pixel props. In fact, mine got retired after year 1, nobody knew what it was… best guess was singing asparagus.
  • Singing Pixel 47 – Set colors
  • Spooky Tree C – Few submodels added, mouth adjustments
  • Triune – May not have changed, I forget
  • Upright Singing Bulb – The only change here that matters is that the “O” mouth was off by a pixel

Spiders & Webs

  • Preying Spider 150 – Needed some submodels/groups for consistency with other spiders
  • Preying Spider 350 – Needed some submodels/groups for consistency with other spiders
  • Mini Spider – Needed submodels and groups
  • Corner Web – Add consistent spokes, fill, spinner stuff
  • Half Web – Add consistent spokes, fill, spinner stuff
  • MOA Web – Add consistent spokes, fill, spinner stuff


All received a few submodels and groups.


The EFlake46 needed additional submodels, and some existing submodels accidentally had backlight pixels where they meant others.

The EFL BabyBack similarly needed work.

The Showstopper Snowflake didn’t need much, got some groups, and I think I collected some submodels from other places.


Some wings got work done. Expect more soon.


Chill is from the Professional Triers, several companies will cut you one out of coro, but it came with hardly any submodels and groups. It’s sort of a 1-off prop, can work as a singer, a snowflake, and I have it mounted up high so sometimes treat it as a bow, cross, or star. The submodels and groups are therefore a work in progress, but what I’m offering you is a lot better than what I got from the vendor.

I got a 270-node star and it quickly became a custom model, eventually added a lot of submodels.

I drilled a lot of extra holes in a HolidayCoro Tune To sign, so that it has full pixel matrix capability. This resulted in a custom model, but it won’t fit yours unless you drill and wire it like mine.

Things Worth Adding

Note for myself – add cube or other submodel generators.

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