Merry on Cherry

That’s a wrap! Thanks for a fun 2022 season…

2022 was a success, in the sense that the lights got put up, did some blinking, and have now (mostly) been put away. It was fun to run, all the serious glitches got worked out along the way, and plenty of people tell us that they enjoyed the show. In addition, visitors generously donated over $4,100 to the Fresh Start Furniture Bank.

We managed to take a few more videos and put them on the vimeo page (and link to them on the playlist post).

About Us

Like millions of people in the world, we put up lights at Christmas (and, as of 2022, at Halloween). We put up more lights than average. We get questions. We have a lot of people and companies to thank for their ideas, products, and work. While we mostly borrow ideas from others, sometimes we have ideas that other blinky nuts may want to borrow.

Christmas 2022
Halloween 2022
2021 Christmas Display in Action

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